Mt. Kobau

Last year I introduced Lorraine to Mt. Kobau which is just west of Osoyoos.

While we were up on the mountain top I shot a number of panoramas. On my previous site I had them as zoomify files using the free version of zoomify that came with Adobe PhotoShop. That version uses Flash ... which means visitors with Apple iPads would not be able to view the images.

Now I've purchased the HTML5 version and I'm going to try using it on this WordPress blog.

So here goes:

You will notice in a few of the panoramas there are repeated diagonal streaks. This was a thread that attached itself to the lens. I didn't see it until the images were being processed much later on ...


Viewing zoomed images in a new window
1st Panorama image can be viewed here
The image below is a map - simply click on one of the 4 thumbnail images to see the larger one.

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