Co-existing With(in) YouTube

This is mostly a reminder for myself to watch this video later one.

I’m putting it here because it’s on a experience that appears-to-be / might-be similar to one which I’ve been in as a Content Creator putting things on YouTube.

This is Eli the computer Guy and apparently he ran into friction with YouTube recently after being okay for a while.

I won’t say the reasons for his friction with YouTube and mine are similar – at this writing I haven’t even watched enough of it to know what happened to him.

But I’d like to not leave it to be forgotten about because it could happen again at any time depending on what I put up and what the YouTube policies and robot’s evolution are at that particular time. (it’s gone through stuff that was okay for over a year and found things to pick at) This is an evolving area of the virtual world that I live and work in …

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