A quote over a timelapse with music

I left a small camera taking 10-second interval timelapse video of the sky out a window. Forgot it was there and doing that and it got an afternoon, evening, morning and part of the next afternoon. After removing the long dark of night I had something that looked good but I always feel like I should be using it as a backdrop for something else. This time I remember a quote and dug up the book and found it. Which led me to find the original book and full quote.

Actually it is a quote from Herbert Butterfield

“the supreme paradox of the scientific revolution is the fact that things which we find it easy to instil into boys at school, because we see that they start off on the right foot things which would strike us as the ordinary natural way of looking at the universe, the obvious way of regarding the behaviour of felling bodies, for example defeated the greatest intellects for centuries, defeated Leonardo da Vinci and at the marginal point even Galileo, when their minds were wrestling on the very frontiers of human thought with these very problems. Even the great geniuses who broke through the ancient views in some special field of study Gilbert, Bacon and Harvey, for example would remain stranded in a species of medievalism when they went outside that chosen field. It required their combined efforts to clear up certain simple things which we should now regard as obvious to any unprejudiced mind, and even easy for a child.”
– Herbert Butterfield “Origins of Modern Science”, 194

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