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Glass Globe Photography Try 1

A little while back I was given, thanks Chris, a pair of clear glass globes for use with my camera. I’ve seen photos done with these a few times in the past but never tried using one myself. Now I can . . .

Yesterday we took a trip (never had to go into a place or interact with a human so social distancing was maintained) to get away from town for an afternoon. Since we live in the mountains there’s always a nice drive to be had.

Glass Globe 01

I was given a pair
of Glass Globes
(Thanks Chris)
I'm finally trying
to use them.

Glass Globe 02
Glass Globe 03

As this image shows focus might be problematic.

As this image shows focus might be problematic.

As this image shows
focus might be problematic.

Glass Globe 04
Glass Globe 05
Glass Globe 06
Glass Globe 07
Christina Lake
Glass Globe 08
Glass Globe 09
Nancy Green
Glass Globe 10
Glass Globe 11
Glass Globe 12

This Sphere
sits out
front of
City Hall

Glass Globe 13
Glass Globe 14
Glass Globe 15
Glass Globe 16
Glass Globe 17
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The photos were all shot with a Panasonic FZ1000.

I’ve found a number of things I’ll have to try differently.

Beginning with a macro lens . . . which I have to use with a different camera seeing as the FZ1000 does not have a removable lens. But I do have a Pentax that I can use which does take different lenses and I do have a macro / fish-eye for that.

I also found that trying to adjust focus on a bright sunny day without a shade hood is nearly impossible so I have to do something about that.

I’m going to try working out how to use a video camera with them.

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