Welcome to my Other Blog.

First a point of clarity:

Looking for videos about Grand Forks, BC? City Council?
Or the Community Events Calendar?
Visit my other sites: gftv.ca and whatsupgf.com

Now back to the blogs … My first blog can be found here.

This blog is for showing things that my first blog will not allow for due to hosting limitations. Lately I’m exploring what I can show with zoomify.

In my initial use of zoomify I was only showing images in stand alone pages from links in my posts … some of those still exist. Then I worked out how to show them in <div> elements. I went back through the posts I’d done and reformed them to embed the zoomify images. All seemed ok at first … then I noticed that things seemed confused. Alas having many the posts appear together in a feed all using similar scripts and divs kinda broke the script.

So I’m not doing the multiple post page / feed thing in this blog. Only one post at a time. That way it all works.

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