An Adpation of the ImageList29 example page to view ZIF files of a scanned 1910 newspaper, the March 31 Gazette

The Zoomify Image Viewer can present a list of Zoomify Images that the user can easily switch between! In this example the list is positioned in the bottom left corner of the Viewport. The image choices can include related parameters such as the initial X, Y, and Zoom, and more.

Use the HTML parameter zImageListPath to implement this feature and the XML value LISTPOSITION="4" to set the display location (corners are 1, 2, 3, 4 clockwise from the upper left). A simple text file named imageList.xml is used to provide the names and paths for each Zoomify Image as well as any additional parameters. See the Parameter List for more details.

Note that this image list functionality will work in combination with most other features of the Zoomify Image Viewer including those demonstrated in these product examples: Comparison, Hotspots, Annotations, and Counter Tracking. However, this feature has not been tested with the Tour, Slideshow, Animation, or Slidestack features. These features already support multiple images (or multiple destinations within an image in the case of Tours) and therefore involve more data management - and thus greater development and testing requirements.