The Zoomify Image Format (ZIF) allows storage of high-resolution, zoomable images megabytes or gigabytes in size in one single file. ZIF files can be viewed using the Zoomify Image Viewer with no need for any special server setup.*

For customers and partners with large collections of large images, this provides simple, fast viewing with convenient, efficient content management. Note that the Zoomify Converter can easily convert Zoomify Image Folders and PFF files to the ZIF format.

Two limitations: local viewing is prevented in all browsers due to a security protections blocking local dynamic loading of certain types of content. In addition, viewing support in IE8 is not currently available.

See this example in action on the Zoomify website or simply copy this file '10-ZIF-OneFileStorage.htm' (example web page) to your web server along with the files ZoomifyImageExample.zif (image) and ZoomifyImageViewerExpress-min.js (Viewer), and the folder Assets (toolbar skin graphics).

*Prior technologies such as Zoomify's PFF format required a Java 'servlet'. Other technologies such as JP2 requied special client technology - a proprietary plugin to download.