Spring Roll

It’s April 12 and the sun is shining.

Unlike much of Canada we appear to have seen the last of Winter. It can still be seen hiding in the shadows under trees and behind rocks, clinging to the shady side of the hills. BUT the roads are clear and mostly clean.

I had occasion to travel up the road to see what the sirens of a while back were about. Since I was taking a drive and the camera was handy I stuck my GoPro to the roof before I left. Didn’t find the reason for the sirens but I did get a nice spring roll around the North Fork / Granby loop. Here its … the music is one of the free audio tracks from YouTube, called Stomping Grounds by a ‘Silent Partner’

The video is sped up to conform to the length of the music – don’t try driving this fast on your own. And a few spots along the way still had gravel so be especially careful if you’re on two wheels.