Our Smokey Little Town

This summer the wildfire situation was REALLY BAD around here.

Fires to the west, the east , the north and most concerning to us – the South. The one to the south was in Washington state. It was called StickPin.

Even though we didn’t get actual fire in our valley … we got Smoke! Lots of smoke … and then we got a temperature inversion that trapped the smoke in our little valley. For more than a week. We had air quality that was rated as Hazardous to health.

Here is a time lapse video of what our valley looked like that whole week …

Breathing was a real concern (i was a smoker for 30+ years so my airways are already compromised). I was always feeling like I was on the edge of not getting a breathe … so I did some research and found a cheap, effective alternative to an expensive air cleaner.