What’s to say? I’m male, mostly self-taught, living in a small town in the southern interior of British Columbia.

My  past was working on technology – electronics, computers, bio-medical devices.

My present is working with technology – software, cameras, video, the web.

I have a number of cameras both still and video. My main activity with them is quasi-journalistic: I shoot and produce video in my small town. For 8 years I’ve been bringing city council meetings to the world, first live to cable TV and now to the web. I ran a free online community calendar for 4 years and it’s coming back after a 2 year hiatus. Now I’m working out how to be a TV outlet on the web as well.

Along the way I’ve become part of the local historical society, museum and past member of the now defunct chamber of commerce. If only my much younger self could see me now 🙂

But nothing here is related to any of all that.

I like to shoot pictures. I like to explore the more exotic aspects of the field: stereo imaging (3D), 360 degree views, large panoramas … in one way or another I’ve been playing with these ideas since before I had a camera to shoot with. Now I have that technology …

Well this blog site is a place to showcase this part of my life.

My most recent things are first and I’ll be adding new things as I create them and old things as I dig them up.

I will not let this place become stale … I’m paying for it after all.


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