Road Riding With Radio

I’m going to try building a page to test an idea that’s been bouncing around in the back of my head for a while now.

I really enjoy driving country roads and highways. And even before there was a YouTube or Hero camera I was trying to figure out how to get that experience on a web page.

The first thing I did with my Hero camera was mount it on the nose of a car and drive out on the highway. And then I sped the video up and slipped some music under it.

This worked out fine but in the back of my head I always wondered about my choice of music. It’s my choice but it might not be the choice others would make. If there was a way to give the visitors to the site a choice of what to listen to once they’ve chosen which drive to take … it would be close to the radio in the car.

So I’ve gone looking for widgets that would allow an online radio station to be embedded in the same page as the video player. And the first one I’ve found to try is the on from We’re going to try that below.

I’m embedding a road video I shot just the other day. It has NO sound track so you will have to choose something to listen to from the three selections in the ‘radio’ component.  The video player appears to default to a small video so make your radio choice First and then run the video. Once it is playing change to full screen and enjoy the drive from Oroville to Chesaw at 8 times normal speed. You might notice an edit at the turnoff to the town of Molson. We left the road, went up to Molson, came back and continued – I just took out the Molson part.

I have added another video (from Chesaw to Curlew) and am trying to have a ‘playlist’ which shows both of them. Unsuccessfully it appears …

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”265″]

country radio